First meeting of the RSPP’s Committee for Industrial Policy and Technical Regulation
5 March 2021 16:00:00

On 3 March 2021 the RSPP’s Committee for Industrial Policy and Technical Regulation met for the first time

The RSPP’s President Alexander Shokhin emphasised that the new committee’s chief objective will be to take part in the delivery of Russia’s social and economic development strategy, including as part of the process of transformation of the country’s domestic industries.

“In order to advance to ‘Industry 4.0’ we need to have a cohesive, consistent and complete system of standards on which it can be based, and also to identify the risk areas where the technical solutions that are optimal for the purpose of making this advance are not consistent with the existing Russian laws and regulations,” the RSPP President said.

The chairman of the board of directors of the pipe metallurgy company TMK Dmitry Pumpyansky noted that the new committee was created by merging two previous RSPP committees - the committee for industrial policy and the committee for technical regulation, standardisation and compliance assessment.

The decision to create the new committee was passed in February 2021. RSPP Executive Bureau members Dmitry Pumpyansky and Vladimir Evtushenkov have been appointed as co-chairmen of the committee.

The first meeting of the merged committee was devoted to its principal objectives. Other speakers at the event included deputy ministers of trade and industry Vasily Osmakov and Alexei Besprozvannykh, secretary of state and deputy economic development minister Alexei Khersontsev, the head of the Rosstandart federal standards agency Anton Shalaev, heads of other RSPP committees and commissions, and State Duma members. The meeting began with a welcome note from the Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov being read out.

During his speech Dmitry Pumpyansky noted the importance of moving the Russian economy forward to a new technological paradigm. In order to achieve this, he said, new methods of planning and management must be implemented, an inter-agency plan must be drawn up for the development and creation of the ‘Russian Industry 4.0’ domestic platform, and a state body with responsibility for implementation for this plan must be identified.

“The new committee must act as a centre for bringing this together and as an effective forum for dialogue and for new formats for interaction between the RSPP’s industry commissions and committees, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Government and the Presidential Administration during the process of development of the frontal Strategy for the Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation through to 2030. We have some ideas for these interactions in this new format, and they will be presented soon after the committee's internal consultations are complete,” Dmitry Pumpyansky said.