Digital Economy and Innovations Subcommittee Discusses Promotion of EDB Digital Initiatives
22 March 2021 00:00:00

On 19 March 2021, the Digital Economy and Innovations Subcommittee of the RSPP International Cooperation Committee met to discuss the

“Joint promotion of digital initiatives through the Eurasian Development Bank.”

The meeting was opened by First Deputy Chairman of the RSPP International Cooperation Committee, E.I. Melnikov, who initiated this meeting to discuss engagement between the Digital Initiatives Fund of the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) and business.

The main speaker was V.V. Gridnev, Director of the EDB Digital Initiatives Department, who spoke about the origins and purposes of the EDB Digital Initiatives Fund. The Fund’s main purpose is to help develop digital transformation tools and practices for EDB member states, including through the integration of information resources, and participation in the development and financing of projects, including within the framework of the Main Directions of the Digital Agenda of the EAEU.

V.V. Gridnev noted that the EDB is now developing a new strategy for the next five years, outlining several key priorities: maintaining leading positions among international financial institutions in project activities in the EAEU, focusing on integration projects, and digitising EAEU member states.

V.V. Gridnev stressed that the EDB has already demonstrated its expertise in digital technologies. Just six months after the Digital Initiatives Fund was set up, the Bank has developed and launched its "Travelling without COVID-19" app, designed to facilitate travel during the pandemic. The EDB is now developing its "Work in the EAEU" service, which will be a game-changer for ensuring a single labour market and further integration of member states.

The EDB Digital Initiatives Fund solves integration challenges through digital projects. The Fund operates in three ways: as a lender in the EDB, as an investor, and also as a project initiator or project backer.

V.V. Gridnev noted that an EAEU digital expertise centre will be created at the EDB, which will become a platform for the implementation of the EAEU digital agenda, and will be able to coordinate the development of common digital platforms and the implementation of IT projects.

Another speaker was I.V. Bogachev, Chairman of the Digital Economy and Innovations Subcommittee of the RSPP International Cooperation Committee, General Director of the Tsifra Group, who noted that the subcommittee is carrying out work across the EAEU to find areas of growth in the digital transformation of industries.

I.V. Bogachev stressed that the main focus of digital transformation is on GDP growth in industries and the economy as a whole through the introduction of digital technologies and innovative solutions. The subcommittee exchanges best practices with partners from other countries.

The following took part in the discussion: V.G. Draganov, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Industry and Mechanical Engineering, and Head of the Working Group “Legal Environment of the Digital Economy” of the Digital Economy and Innovations Subcommittee; P.V. Fedosov, Director of Strategic Development, Tsifra Group; A.O. Efimova, General Director (Managing Partner) of AllianceGT LLC.