Rounding up Russian Business Week 2014

17 April 2015 00:00

On March 17 – 24 the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs held its annual Russian Business Week, a keynote event discussing and formulating proposals with relation to pertinent trends in business/state engagement. This time, the RBW concentrated on the outcomes of Russia’s B20 presidency.

In the words of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was an honorary guest speaker at the RSPP annual congress, “[in 2013] global leader received the biggest ever package of recommendations, most of which were subsequently reflected in the St Petersburg Summit papers. Our common cause is to fix higher economic standards, development of national industry. This will be the driver of economic growth, scientific and technological progress and social cohesion. This means new jobs and new opportunities for millions of citizens to fulfill themselves and get proper salaries. This also means new growth areas for complex development of our vast territories”.

Altogether, the Russian Business Week – 2014 staged around 20 events including conferences, forums, roundtable meetings discussing key issues of Russian economic development.