A.Shokhin’s Interview about G20 – B20

12 December 2012 00:00

RSPP President Alexander Shokhin, in an extended interview to the ‘Vesti’ program, spoke about Russia’s G20 presidency, the Group’s priorities, prospects and the agenda of G20’s business counterpart, B20, for the coming year. The principal aim of the summit will remain finding ways to prevent and counteract crisis.

“I would hope that this would not be just a club for those who would like to debate issues, but rather a platform where mechanisms are elaborated to tackle the challenges faced by the global economic and financial community”, emphasized Mr. Shokhin. “Russia’s primary goal as the G20 leader will be to prove that it plays an important role in the global economic and financial processes. If we are set to show we mean business, we will have to prove we are not going to put global issues to one side until after we have dealt with our own problems.”

The B20 will incorporate eight task forces on labour market, investment, transparency and anti-graft etc.

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