India tries to depoliticize B20 meetings — expert


India, just like Indonesia last year, is trying to depoliticize the work of the B20 (Business-20), Alexander Shokhin, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, told a TASS correspondent on the sidelines of the B20 summit that opened in New Delhi.

"As we can see from the example of Indonesia last year, and from the example of India this year, the parties - the chairmen of the B20 are trying to depoliticize meetings and final documents as much as possible. If there is reference to the situation around Ukraine, then it is made without aggressive rhetoric," he said.

The head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs added that there are two powerful associations within the G20: countries that are members of the G7 and countries that are members of the BRICS. "Such a "matryoshka" structure of the G20 allows the association not to lean in one direction, but to move towards solving real problems," Shokhin noted.

He pointed out that the G20, united on the basis of an understanding of the need to solve the problems of the economy, should focus on removing barriers in trade, supporting global value chains, removing restrictions that hinder the development of the global economy, and so on.

The B20 is an association of a number of business associations and companies from the G20 countries, which develops international business proposals for the leaders of the G20 countries.