Second Russian Business Anti-Corruption Rating for 2021
19 March 2021 00:00:00

On 12 March the RSPP played host to an anti-corruption forum devoted to the practical aspects for companies of ensuring compliance with the requirements of the law, the National Plan for Counteracting Corruption and the Anti-Corruption Charter for Russian Business.

The forum was opened by the State Secretary and Vice-President for legal regulation and administration, Alexander Varvarin. The forum was held in partnership with OJSC Russian Railways via video-conference and brought together representatives from over 100 major companies that are parties to the Anti-Corruption Charter for Russian Business and are named as leaders in the Russian business anti-corruption rating for 2020. The subjects discussed included the effectiveness of anti-corruption strategies, successful anti-corruption practices, and companies’ use of innovative digital technologies to control and manage risk. Representatives from the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, the Russian Ministry of Labour and the academic community shared their approaches to assessing the adequacy of anti-corruption measures and discussed trends in development of the legislative and methodological framework.

The forum’s attendees noted that collective action in the field of antitrust compliance to bring together and share companies’ experience is a particularly hot topic at present. In connection with this, the RSPP’s initiative to repeat the first national Russian Business Anti-Corruption Rating every year was seen by the attendees as especially timely, since the rating is becoming a platform for identifying the best practices used by leading companies to prevent and combat corruption.

The next anti-corruption business forum will take place in September 2021, and will include the presentation of the results of the 2021 Rating of major companies doing business in Russia.