22nd regular meeting of RSPP Integration Council for interaction with EEC held on 6 April via videoconference
13 April

The meeting was chaired by Integration Council Chairman and RSPP Vice-President, A.V. Murychev.

Meeting participants discussed the following issues:

  • interaction of the Eurasian Economic Commission [EEC] and the Eurasian business community in implementing the Strategic Areas for the Development of Eurasian Economic Integration until 2025;
  • a digital initiative to create a Eurasian Economic Union [EAEU] payment and settlement system in order to promote the use of national currencies;
  • reforming the patent system in pharmaceuticals. Creation of the Eurasian register of patents;
  • the need to develop an independent EAEU technical regulation on the safety of building materials;
  • renewal of the composition of the Integration Council for interaction between the RSPP and the EEC.

Most of the planned activities are expected to be implemented between 2021 and 2023. Activities envisaged by the end of this year include amending the procedure for developing EAEU technical regulations, establishing a framework for transitioning to electronic forms of certificates of conformity and declarations of conformity, and taking a decision to start the "Digital Technical Regulation" project.

This year there are plans to examine implementing green economy principles in new sectors, based on experience in EAEU countries and worldwide, to determine the feasibility of creating a single Union-wide information portal in the field of education, as well as to develop proposals for joint initiatives and cooperation projects in the health sector.

The issues on the agenda generated a lot of interest and intense discussion on the part of meeting participants, which included, in addition to Integration Council members, specialists from the pharmaceutical industry, representatives of the EAEU Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, and employees of specialist units of the Eurasian Economic Commission.